Whether it be innovating, imagining or creating, I find myself fascinated with all aspects of ideation. 

I'm Ty Murray, a multi-faceted creative with a knack for ideation and digital communication whose passions include music, art, social change and style. 

I graduated from UT Knoxville with a degree in public relations in 2017, concentrating in business and music business, and have been working full time as an agent assistant for a music booking company for the last 2 years. (my LinkedIn profile can be found here)

Due to the unforeseen impact of Covid-19 on the touring industry, I found myself jobless in March, along with many other working Americans. While adapting to our new collective normal, my pivot has been to spend more time with my passion projects: creating self-expressive works,  documenting life, experiencing art & 

culture, and exploring my surroundings.

Recently I was proud to receive Appalshop's Creators Fund Grant for my photography, awarded to 10 artists who are best positioned to amplify cultural diversity in Appalachia, and who are working in all sorts of mediums.

This site was built to showcase my works in hopes of connecting and collaborating with other artists, like-minded entities and businesses --- please browse around & take a look at what I do!

Let's create together,


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