Whether it be innovating, imagining or creating, I find myself fascinated with all aspects of ideation. 

I'm Ty Murray, a multi-faceted creative with a knack for ideation & passion for photography, 

music and style.

I graduated from UT Knoxville with a degree in public relations, concentrating in business and music business & have been working full time as an agent assistant for a music booking company for the last 2 years.

Due to the unforeseen impact of Covid-19 on the touring industry I was recently let go, along with many other working Americans. While adapting to our new collective normal, I've 

dedicated more time to my passions &

daydreams: creating self-expressive works,  documenting life, experiencing art & 

culture, and exploring my surroundings.

This site was built to showcase my works in hopes of connecting and collaborating with other artists, like-minded entities and businesses --- please browse around & take a look at what I do!

Let's create together,


© 2020 by Ty's Eye.

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